Are you tired of seeing the traditional white tennis outfits worn during the Wimbledon tournaments every year? Do you wish there was more color worn on these tennis courts? Not to worry, it’s going to be a “WHITE OUT” Wimbledon year… at least for the 2012 OLYMPICS!! FINALLY! Someone allowed for a better rule!

How exciting right?? The All England Club, who enforces the “predominantly white” dress code, allowed for some slack (http://www.nytimes.com/). These sports stars can have their way with color without receiving fashion violations during the Olympics!!

Rafael Nadal can wear his hot pink & yellow get-up without being penalized for violating the oh-so-boring white rule (http://bleacherreport.com/)!

Pretty in Pink

Fashion trendsetter sisters, Serena & Venus Williams can wear colors & feel good about it! Serena Williams states in the “U.S. Open Style Coming Up Aces.” Women’s Wear Daily, August 26, 2002, “I don’t think you can play well or do well unless you look good.”

So you’re probably wondering. Why are we writing about tennis fashion in a children’s fashion blog? Well, that’s because we have the perfect item for you and your mini me! ;P

If you and your little girl are avid tennis fans, play kids tennis or just love the fashion, we have the perfect colorful girls tennis skirt for you! Shop this gorgeous green Wimbledon skirt by A for Apple here!! She’ll be sure to look AND feel good running around in this tennis skirt! 🙂

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