DIY Chocolate Pretzels

We’ve got a fun treat for you today! As much as we love our SWEET THREADS, we love us some SWEET TREATS!! One of the shops favorite snacks are Chocolate Covered Pretzels! Who doesn’t love a salty sweet treat?! So here’s a fun & easy recipe for all you Chocolate lovers! ;o)


Wilton Chocolates
Pretzel Crisps


1. Microwave chocolates 30 seconds at a time.

2. Stir chocolate until smoothed.

3. Dip pretzels in chocolate.

4. Place chocolate dipped pretzels on wax paper.

5. Dress up your pretzels with assorted sprinkles!

6. Chill pretzels until firm.

ENJOY every bite of salty sweet goodness in your mouth! ;o)

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