What To Pack For A Summer Vacation

Summer time is upon us! School is coming to an end and kids are gearing up for summer adventures. Vacations can really include a little bit of everything, like sightseeing, hiking, swimming, theme parks, camping, road trips and lots of family time. A lot goes into planning a family trip. Sometimes, the last thing we think about is what to pack for ourselves and the kids. To help make your summer trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a list of some helpful questions and tips to help you when packing for your summer vacation.

“It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Question 1: Where are you going?

Question 2: How many days will you be there?

Question 3: What does the weather forecast look like?

Question 4: Will you be going on any special outings during your trip?

A solid plan will keep stress levels down and ensure that everyone is happy. With some foresight, organization and help, the whole family will be ready for any scenario!

A few things you might forget to pack…

Sunscreen, hats and glasses. It’s safe to say that most summer vacations are spent outside in the sun. You want to make sure your little ones are protected while spending time in the beautiful sunshine. At Sweet Threads, we have picked a few of our favorites just for your summer trips. We love the Kid’s Chestnut Brown Straw Fedora Hat to keep your little boy safe and stylish. For the girls, we love the Rose Fedora by Joylife. We also have these adorable Baby Aviator Sunnies to protect your kids’ eyes while out in the sun.


Distractions. Pack some books and toys to stay sane while traveling with young children. Sweet Threads carries many educational books that the little ones can’t put down, including vintage books and our favorite Baby Lit Books.

Baby Lit Books

We also have many fun toys to keep even the littlest ones entertained. Enjoy these Hand Rattles from La De Dah Kids. The baby crochet is so soft on their little fingers.

Hand Rattles

Swimwear. Even if your vacation has no hint of a beach, pack a bathing suit for your kids anyway. You never know when there will be an occasion to run through sprinklers or take a dip in a swimming hole. Many hotels have guest pools and it’s a shame not to use them! Try some of Sweet Threads’ adorable girls’ swimsuits. You might love these even more than your girls do!


A great, all-purpose bag. This one’s for the moms! You don’t wan to be worrying about switching out the diaper bag for your nice purse. Bring one bag that will work for any occasion, whether it’s your carry-on or your purse for a nice dinner out. Our favorite is the No. 668 Vintage Day Bag II by Nena & Co. Their bags are made from hand-picked, vintage Maya clothing and each one is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll never see another girl with your bag on her shoulder!


A few extra important tips:

Make the packing process fun for the kiddos! Include them, ask them what they would like to wear and, keep in mind, deciding what clothes to bring doesn’t have to be a chore. This will make the process easier on you too!

Download some educational apps on the iPad before your trip. These games are lifesavers and you don’t have to feel bad about your little one having too much screen time.

Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! Getting stuck in a road-side bathroom without soap is the worst.

Snacks, snacks, snacks. When all else fails, snacks always work to quiet down the kids!

Preparing to take a vacation with your children can be fun, exciting and overwhelming. Hopefully, this post will eliminate the overwhelming part! Taking some time to prepare and organize before your trip will take away a lot of the stress. Sweet Threads has many other fun summertime apparel, outfits and accessories. Make sure you’re ready for summer by visiting us in our Long Beach store or online at shopsweetthreads.com.

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