6 Essential Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Being pregnant is one of the many natural blessings in life. It will bring you new adventures, new curves, new emotions and new priorities. Your life will never be the same (in a great way!) after this new, beautiful baby comes. At Sweet Threads, we love our babies, which is why we want to give you some essential tips on how to style that beautiful bump before the big day.

Maternity fashion has become a booming industry, with celebrities and everyday women choosing to accentuate and celebrate their pregnant bodies. It is easier than ever to find comfortable, figure-flattering, modern maternity clothing. But it can be, at times, more of a challenge than a treat. Over the last few years, new emerging clothing companies have emphasized that being pregnant doesn’t have to deter you from wearing the looks you desire. We have found some helpful tips to dress your bump and feel comfortable and beautiful during the most exciting time in your life.

Visit your favorite retail stores. You don’t have to go far to find beautiful, modern maternity clothes. Your favorite shops probably already carry well-designed lines. Some of our favorite shops are ASOS, H&M, Old Navy, Target and Macys.

Stock up on the basics. Leggings and flowing tunics will become your best friends! Leggings are very versatile and the waistband is stretchy enough that will not restrict your bump, no matter how far along you are. Flowing tunics are flattering and comfortable enough to last your entire pregnancy.


Dress up your outfit. A few simple tricks can transform your outfit from plain to pretty. Add a belt, statement necklace or colorful scarf to add your unique style to your ensemble. 

Add some layers. This is a good way to still use some of your favorite pieces of clothing. And it’s an inexpensive way to look your best! For example, add your favorite long, flowing vest or unbuttoned sweater to your outfit.   


Know what’s flattering. Steer clear of bright colors, satin (it’s not a forgiving fabric), and loud prints. Instead, look for dark, solid-color tops and dresses. Sticking to these simple rules will ensure that your outfit looks just as beautiful as you do!

Choose snug over bulky. Trying to hide your figure underneath large clothes will only make you look larger. Instead, reach for snug-sleeved tops, skinnier pants, and button-down shirts or blazers left unbuttoned. Try knits that stretch to fit your form. You’ll look sexy and modern in these classic styles.


At the end of the day, being pregnant doesnt mean you have to sacrifice style. Building a simple, fashionable maternity wardrobe is fun. The most important tip we can give you is to find out what you like and what feels most comfortable for you. It’s important to enjoy the clothes we wear. You’ll feel that much more beautiful and confident in clothing that interests you. Lastly, enjoy your next nine months! They go by fast and before you know it your bundle of joy will be entering this world. And when that little one needs his or her own fashionable wardrobe, stop by Sweet Threads in Long Beach or visit us at shopsweetthreads.com. We are a stylish children’s boutique that carries vintage and modern clothing for kids from infant to 8/10 years old. Your bundle of joy will look adorable in the unique pieces at our shop! 

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