Fun Picks For Sweater Weather

When temperatures start dipping below 70 degrees here in Southern California, we call that sweater weather! And it’s time to start pulling out the pullovers, hoodies and cardigans. 

Sweater weather isn’t just for you, it’s for the whole family, including the pets. This little pup is so excited for sweater weather!

Too bad we can’t say the same for this little kitty.

Ok, so sweater weather might not be for everyone. But, you’re little ones are sure to love the opportunity to put on something warm, cozy and cool.

Here at Sweet Threads, we’ve collected some of our favorite sweaters for the season, that are sure to impress the kiddos. 


This Panda Loose Sweater by Popupshop is right on trend and 100% organic cotton. And who wouldn’t want an adorable panda on their cozy, comfy sweater? No sad panda here, folks.


How cool is Wayne the Shark? So cool that he has to wear sunglasses 24/7! Your little will love this Classic Sweater Wayne the Shark by Gardner and the Gang. It’s 100% organic brushed cotton fleece, which makes it super soft and wearable. Extra points to watch Sharknado with the squad rocking this sweater.

stay cool

Your kiddos will “stay warm” in this Stay Cool sweater. Get it?? This Classic Sweater Stay Cool by Gardner and the Gang is 100% organic brushed cotton fleece and adds attitude to any outfit. 


Educate your littles with this Tiny Whales Worldwide Sweatshirt. Discuss major cities, while they stay comfy, warm and fashionable. Dream on dreamers. 


This sweater is pink and there’s a panther. Coincidence? We think not! Your little one might not get the connection, but they’ll still love the great design of this Mini Rodini Panther Sweatshirt.

wink This Mini Rodini Eyes Sweatshirt is sure to capture your kiddo’s heart. The fun design and comfy material will make this sweater his/her favorite for the season. Wink wink! 

navy hoodie

Save the hoodies for last! This Colorblock Beach Hoodie Navy Heather by Childhoods Clothing is made out of soft and stretchy french terry. The oversized neck and hood with raglan sleeves that roll up, make this sweater one of our favorites! Look at that design, c’mon, it’s too freakin’ adorable. 

gray hoodie

Who loves stripes? This Trademark Hoodie Soft Gray Stripe by Childhoods Clothing is made out of soft and cozy, heathered french terry in the trademark raglan style. Translation: this sweater is super comfortable and fashionable! Your little one can strut with style rockin’ this hoodie. 

ash hoodie

Hey now, we know this sweater is the bees neez. The Trademark Hoodie Ash by Childhoods Clothing is made out of the same great materials, with the same trademark style. Take away the stripes and add this cool ash color, and this sweater is perfect for your little one. 

Sweater weather really is fun for the whole family. Want to get a rise out of your kids? Wear an ugly sweater like this dad and be amazed by your kids’ reaction.

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