10 Creative DIY Valentines

10 Creative DIY Valentines

Along with Valentine’s Day comes crafts, Valentines and LOTS of candy. Instead of doing the typical store-bought cards and a piece of candy, try making something a little more crafty this year. Spend time with your kids making some fun DIY Valentines and they’ll enjoy it much more than simply writing their name 25 times!

We’ve collected some of our favorite ideas from around the web for unique and creative DIY Valentines. Find your favorite and spend some time this Valentine’s Day crafting with your kiddos. 


Tiny Animal Valentines

This Valentine is sure to excite any youngster. All you need to complete this craft is some heavy card stock, a hole punch, bakers twine and inexpensive packages of tiny dinosaurs, frogs, wild animals or crocodiles. You can find the free printable designs here. With such cute captions and a fun toy, who wouldn’t love these Valentines?


Watercolor Valentine

Here’s a great idea for the artists at heart. All you need here is a watercolor set, paper, scissors, tape and bakers twine. You can download the free printable here. All in all, this project comes out costing $1 per student to make. And the kids get a fun watercolor set to take home with them.


ExSTRAW Special Valentine

If you’re looking for a cost efficient Valentine, this is the one! You can make Valentines for the entire class and only spend $5. What? That’s right! All you need are some crazy straws from the dollar store, scissors, tape and this free printable. And what kid doesn’t love their own unique straw? Your little ones will be the talk of the class with this fabulous idea.


A Bubbly Valentine

Bring joy to your little one’s class with bubbles! Simply buy some bubbles at the dollar store and wrap them with this free printable. What could be easier? And the kids will love something fun to play with, instead of more candy.

Olaf Otter Pop

Frozen Olaf Valentine

To make this cute little guy, you’ll need card stock, scissors, an Exacto knife, glue stick, Otter Pops and this free printable. Everyone will love this unique idea, because who doesn’t love Frozen?


Matchbox Cars Valentine

Here’s a great one for the boys! All you need is some matchbox cars, card stock, scissors, washi tape and this free printable. The kids will love them and you’ll be the mom of the year!

A big bear hug

Bear Hug Valentine

For this project you’ll need some gummy bears, treat bags, string, scissors and this free printable tag. You could also use these printable tags on a bag of teddy grams or even on a stuffed bear. Be creative, let your imagination run wild!

valentine maze printable

Ah-MAZE-ing Valentine

This graphic is so awesome! To make this bad boy you’ll need card stock, scissors, an Exacto knife, tape, pink paper, pencils and this free printable. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a Valentine that everyone will enjoy.


Loom Valentine

For the loom lovers, here’s an il-“loom”-inating idea! You’ll just need some looms, card stock, scissors, a hole punch, bakers twine and this free printable. It’s a fun craft that everyone will remember.


Clementine Valentine

Everyone loves their Clementines, or Cuties. And it’s a great alternative to candy and sugary treats. You’ll need Clementines, treat bags, ribbon and this free printable. Enjoy the Valentine treat, Cuties!

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun, but you can make it extra special by doing one of these fun crafts with your kids. They’ll love it, the class will love it and other parents will thank you for not sending their kids home with even more candy. Be the hero of Valentine’s Day and try some of these creative DIY Valentines.

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