Sweet Threads is a global online hot spot for new & vintage childrens clothing. We believe in providing the market with a unique offering of hand picked mini vintage & modern fashions, blending the two styles for fashion savvy minis worldwide.

Sweet Threads was born from the passion of two childhood friends who are the creative forces behind this vision. Throughout their friendship it became obvious why they got along so well! They shared a love for fashion and both crave being uber creative!

These two friends both received Fashion degrees and earned their stripes working in the industry from the bottom up. Their years of experience have molded them into innovative thinkers and creators with a keen eye for detail.

Their inspiration comes from ones love for vintage while the others love of being a mother! They combined their interests, years of industry experience and talents to create a shopping experience infusing nostalgic pieces with modern domestic and international trends from the U.S., Europe and Asia. Together with the encouragement of a friend and husband, Sweet Threads was able to launch their online boutique in Socal, opening their cyber doors April 2012. Sweet Threads focuses on carrying clothing in size ranges from infants to 7years old.

They are always on the constant hunt for those special mini treasures by rummaging through flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops in order to provide you all the little threads you find here!

Why the name Sweet Threads? The name was inspired by the sweetness of children and the cool, fresh threads we carry.

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